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Web Analytics

A website without Analytics is like a boat without a compass.

Web Analytics

ShinyStat™ Web Analytics is the ideal platform for gathering, measuring and analyzing web traffic data.

Web Analytics enables you to view, understand and optimize your site traffic, offering greater insight into how users interact with your web pages. A website without a professional Web Analytics system is an investment without control and without purpose.

Understanding how your website is used is crucial to understanding how to improve the user experience, guarantee optimal communications and service delivery and, consequently, meet conversion targets.

For over a decade, ShinyStat™ has been providing cutting-edge Web Analytics services and now proudly counts over half a million users around the world.

Real time

One of the advantages of the ShinyStat™ Web Analytics platform is its ability to collect, anonymize, filter and visualize all relevant metrics and reports in real time. The web is in rapid and constant movement and the ability to gain immediate insight into events as they happen is of fundamental importance in measuring the effect of current campaigns and being...

Automatic channel

Canali automatici Channels are sub-sections of accounts, through which one can individually analyze the traffic generated by specific pages or sections of the website, such as your own Sports section, one or more product lines or even the various foreign-language versions of your website. ...

Detailed conversion

Conversion occurs when the user completes a specific action considered relevant to the goals set by the site owner.

Each time a user fulfills such an action (which might be an online purchase, a subscription to the newsletter, a request for info, etc.) a conversion is recorded. The isolation and analysis of conversion data is one of...

PPC campaign

Campagne PPC ShinyStat™ Web Analytics provides a complete suite to analyze the performance of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns in real...